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Our company has been in business since 1975, always delivering everything you need while you are on the road. We appreciate our customers’ continued patronage throughout the years. Your support has helped us grow over the decades.

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The Legend of Betty Beaver

Early one morning in the early 1960’s, three truck drivers took off from the truck stop in Redding, CA where they spent the night and set out for the long trip back to the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx, NY. The three trucks, 2 Pete’s and a Mack were loaded with produce with the reefers running full blast. They were hammering down through the Rocky Mountains chit-chatting on the CB, and squawking about the problems with the DOT.

Out fo the blue, a 1932 Perterbilt hauling logs comes barreling down the Monfort lane. Rubber Duck, the driver of the last truck, looked over at the driver of the passing truck and couldn’t believe his eyes. He grabbed his mic and shouted to his two friends in the trucks ahead. “Check out this pretty little lady with the blond hair and blue eyes coming on your left!” he yelled.

Bootlegger, who was driving the truck in the middle, heard Rubber Duck yelling and looked left just in time to catch a glimpse of the foxy young truck driver passing him like he was standing still. “Woooooey!” he hollered into the mic, “That’s sure ain’t your average truck driver!”

The crazy Frenchman, who was driving the first truck and leading the pack, looked in his mirror and saw the Pete barreling down past him. “I know that girl,” he shouted into his CB. “That’s Betty! Betty Beaver!”

“You know that Beaver,” Rubber Duck shouted back.

“Yeah, I went to high school with Betty in Beaver, PA,” the Crazy Frenchman said.

Fortunately Betty had her ears on and heard the other drivers talking about her. She remembered the Crazy Frenchman, and crazy he was!

The Crazy Frenchman yelled to Betty “What’s your CB handle?” Betty shouted back that about a week ago she got stopped at a chicken coop and had to lay out some hard earned greenstamps, so she got herself a CB radio to help avoid the Bears. “I really haven’t thought about a handle yet,” Betty said.

The Crazy Frenchman and the Bootlegger agreed that Since Betty was from Beaver, PA and her last name was Beaver, the handle “Beaver” would suit her just fine. “Move over Beaver, you watch the back door, and follow this convoy and we’ll escort you back to your home town,” hollered the Crazy Frenchman.

“Yea, and in honor of your new CB handle Betty, we’ll name this eastbound convoy the “Beaver convoy”. Rubber Duck yelled.

They headed east through the plains and over the Mississippi, through the Buckeye state, For two days, the Crazy Frenchman and the Beaver talked about old times and the little romance they had in high school. As the made their way east, hundreds of other truck drivers joined the convoy to listen to the stories.

Finally, in the Keystone state they split and went their separate ways. “Beaver, we’ll catch you on the filp-flop one day,” the Crazy Frenchman said, as Betty turned off to head for Beaver, PA.

Over the years, the Frenchman called for the Beaver on the CB every time he made the trip from California to the Bronx. it got to be so that hundreds of drivers everywhere heard the Crazy Frenchman shouting for the Beaver up and down the highway. Eventually the name caught on, and so began the trucker’s custom of calling a beautiful woman a “beaver”.

The Rubber Duck eventually left the trucking business and became a famous actor. He went on to appear in the movie called Convoy, starring Kris Kristoferson. The Bootlegger living up to his name, continued to haul “hot” freight coast to coast. Eventually he had a run of bad luck and got caught by the Bears, but it wasn’t the hot freight that got him into trouble. Apparently, he had been driving a stolen Perterbilt for over 5 years, and even his family and friends in the trucking business didn’t know. The story goes that he broke into a Peterbilt dealer late at night and drove the new truck right out through the front of the building. He ended up spending 2 years in “college” at San Quinton for grand theft.

Betty eventually had children and had to give up the trucking profession she so loved. She moved back home to Beaver, PA and in 1069 opened a small trucker’s diner. Although, Betty and her diner are gone, her legend continues to live on. The Crazy Frenchman, no seventy years old, still pounds the pavement bringing beer from Virginia to New York and continues to tell the story of Betty Beaver. We have opened this truckstop and diner in honor of the great truckers like the Rubber Duck, the Bootlegger, The Crazy Frenchman, and Betty Beaver, as well as, the thousands of other unsung heroes of the trucking business. Sometimes truckers get a bad rap, but people need to remember that they are good people who are just trying to do their job. So next time you see a trucker on the road, give him or her a way and remember:

“If you have it… a trucker brought it!”

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